#189: Fomes fomentarius, The Tinder Polypore

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  1. May 26, 2017

    […] Conk.  Many conk-forming fungi produce hoof-shaped conks (for example, Fomes fomentarius, FFF#189), but those produced by G. applanatum are remarkably […]

  2. May 26, 2017

    […] Some of the most common woody polypores include the Artist’s Conk (Ganoderma applanatum) and Fomes fomentarius.   In the warmer seasons you can also find many fleshy polypores.  These include the Chicken of […]

  3. January 12, 2018

    […] Artist’s Conk.3 Many woody polypores produce hoof-shaped conks (for example: Fomes fomentarius, FFF#189), but G. applanatum mushrooms are remarkably flat. MycoBank lists the current name of G. applanatum […]

  4. April 13, 2018

    […] to mind are Phellinus everhartii (which is very similar but grows on oaks), Fomes fomentarius (FFF#189) and Fomitopsis pinicola. The Cracked Cap Polypore’s dull brown pore surface and growth on Black […]

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