#133: Russula virescens species group

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  1. woodenfortmaster says:

    Nice article, however I am researching “parvovirescens” which appears to have been separated recently from virescens by a lined margin. I cannot yet verify, but I have seen no mention on this article, and think it may be worth looking into.

    • Thomas Roehl says:

      Yes, there are some other differentiating features, like the striate margin, that I left out (see MushroomExpert.com). Of course, there are still a dozen or so undescribed North American species in the virescens-crustosa group, so the important characteristics separating the species may change in the future.

  1. January 27, 2017

    […] area, the most popular edible Russula species are those in the R. virescens/ R. crustosa cluster (FFF#133). That being said, hardly anyone bothers to eat them. They are not flavorful, not very abundant, […]

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